Bait-and-Switch Eliminated by GrayHairPR


In the past, traditional public relations agencies were known to bait potential clients with seasoned PR veterans until the business was won then switch them out after contracts were signed. Now, even those initial veterans are completely MIA from agency leadership as they have been replaced by younger, inexperienced college graduates during the recent infatuation with social media. Unfortunately, the youngsters haven’t developed the savvy to navigate the world of high stakes corporate reputation management, and traditional agencies have no bench strength to lean on when clients go through a true crisis.

The C-Suite desperately desires gray-haired pros who understand their pain and will go the distance, not pass things off to PR newbies who are a pain to understand. They need experts who have been there, done that. The shame is many talented pros are underutilized. They are veterans who because of their age and higher salary level have been pushed aside. GrayHairPR is harnessing and marketing that talent.

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